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 Submission -- YMAF-X15A/YMAF-15A Yeager

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PostSubject: Submission -- YMAF-X15A/YMAF-15A Yeager   Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:13 am

This submission is for the EA. While it's not possible to put it on AD yet, nor would I have EA access anyway, I figure I may as well put it here so people can look at it and comment at least.

General and Technical Data

Model number: YMAF-X15A/YMAF-15A
Code name: Yeager
Unit type: Space-Only High Speed Assault Mobile Armor
Manufacturer: Earth Alliance
Operator: Earth Alliance
First deployment: mid CE 85
Capacity: 1 pilot in standard cockpit + extra monitors
Height: 12 meters (20 meters with Aile Fins in default position)
Weight: 325 metric tons
Length: 30 meters
Construction: modified GAT-02L2 ”Dagger L” upper body connected to Mobile Armor frame
Power plant: Numerous High-Capacity Ultracompact Energy Batteries
Equipment and design features: 6 x MX2207 Beam Shield; “Aile Legs”; expanded thruster system; 2 x Beam Saber storage rack in upper MA; 2 x Rifle and E-Pac Container on sides behind shoulders
Fixed armaments: 1 x M474 "Degtyarev II" high-energy beam cannon, mounted on forward end of main body; MAU-M3C Dual Linear Gun, mounted over hips; 2 x Wire-Guided Beam Guns, on hips; 2 x Retractable "Scylla" 580mm multi-phase energy cannons, on sides behind and above shoulders; 2 x MES-C01A Beam Claymore, mounted on arms ; 2 x Rotating Missile Pods, each with 12 tubes with 5 Mk449 "Mini-Würger" micromissiles each, on sides; 4 x M2M5 "Todesschrecken" 12.5mm automatic CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head
Optional armaments: Any Dagger L or Windam-compatible hand armaments including M83021B “Balken-Gewehr” beam rifles, M83021C “Balken-Karabiner” beam carbines, E-Pacs, and ES-07 Beam Sabers

Technical and Historical Notes

The concept for what would become the Yeager started in CE 78, in an effort to design a more compact Mobile Armor which could use high powered systems while also stowable in a craft’s Mobile Suit hangars and catapults. This Mobile Armor could hunt enemy units alone or support other Mobile Suits or its home ship in combat. The original name, Jäger, meant “Hunter”; and defined its role well...except that no one could agree on the final design. Four years were spent debating the idea until CE 82, when it was finally decided to make an attempt to make a Striker-compatible add-on based in part on the Meteor. The idea was that one pilot could control this unit, and that the MS could act as an escape pod for the relatively compact unit. This was the only way in which it was to be similar to the Meteor, however.

The obsolete Dagger L was chosen, because it was out of service and easier to obtain, but was still compatible with many of the weapons which had thus far been made and had a decent power capacity. Its simpler frame and armor when compared to the Windam also meant that testing connection mechanisms would be simpler. Unfortunately, numerous issues arose when trying to connect the Mobile Suit solely by the Striker Pack. The connection to the Mobile Armor component was unstable and could not sustain the high acceleration and forces which the Mobile Armor was slated for, nor could the main cannon be mounted reliably. Power transfer through all the detaching sections was unreliable at high stress, and it was finally decided in late CE 83 that making an MS be able to detach from a Mobile Armor was a very costly endeavor. It was at this point that the current design was made, and renamed the Yeager to indicate its high speed as well as its role as a Hunter unit (Yeager was the first man to break the speed of sound, and his name was an Americanization of Jäger).

Taking a note from the YMAG-X7F Gells Ghe, it was decided to modify the existing design so that only the torso on up would be an actual Mobile Suit. As a result, the hip armor and frame was made to be completely anchored to the frame. At that point, the legs were no longer necessary in their original form, so they were also modified. Some reinforced double-jointed legs based on those of the GAT-X399/Q Wild Dagger, themselves based on the legs of the ZGMF-X88S/RGX-03 Gaia, were installed and attached to a pair of thrusters based on the Aile Striker’s. The end result was a pair of high-output thruster verniers capable of both AMBAC and thrust-vectoring, as well as locking into a position more reminiscent of a Mobile Armor shape. Due to their location, they also serve to help aim the main cannon of the Yeager.

The Mobile Armor also has an array of various thrusters capable of thrust vectoring, including a pair on the rotating Missile Pods which allow for fine attitude control and braking along with the Aile legs. The thrusters on the back, meanwhile, are geared more toward high output for providing high acceleration and speed. These elements allow the compact Mobile Armor to move at a high speed, faster than the Euclid or other Space-capable EA models.

In the event of excessive damage to the Mobile Armor, the torso of the Dagger L built into the Yeager can actually eject and escape with its original thruster systems, for the purposes of saving the pilot. Handheld armaments are also ejected in this situation, to give the Mobile Suit weapons with which to fight its way out of the combat area. Its AMBAC is also adjusted to operate without anything from the waist down. It is not recommended to send this upper half of a Dagger out into combat by itself as a combat unit, however. It is intended as an escape pod which can fight its way to safety if needed.

The cockpit of the Mobile Armor is a standard Dagger L cockpit, but has added screens on the ceiling and on the consoles to better inform the pilot of what is happening around him. It is more telling than a normal cockpit, but is not as advanced as a panoramic one.

The M474 "Degtyarev II" high-energy beam cannon, sometimes known to pilots as the “Pelvic Cannon”, is actually built into and through the pelvis of the Mobile Armor, as part of the Mobile Armor’s modified frame. It is a more powerful version of the one on the TS-MB1B Euclid, though it only has one unit instead of the Euclid’s two. It should be noted that the Beam Cannon’s output rivals that of a battleship-grade beam cannon, though it pales in comparison to the Lohengrin. The legs and hips actually come off of the structure through which the cannon is assembled, and it is the largest component in the Mobile Armor. Its power is impressive, capable of causing a great deal of destruction from relatively distant ranges for the Mobile Armor’s total size and even of critically damaging or destroying a battleship.

The hip-mounted Wire-Guided Beam Guns look, at a glance, to be similar to the YMF-X000A Dreadnought Gundam’s XM1 "Pristis" beam reamers, from which they were inspired. However, their capabilities are inferior to the DRAGOON-controlled version. They cannot be used without their wires, as the wires supply both data and power like the Gunbarrels of the Moebius Zero and Exus Mobile Armors. Using the system to full effect requires a pilot with enhanced spatial awareness, but this system has some use to conventional pilots.

Data from Neo Roanoke(Mu La Flaga)’s TS-MA4F Exus was pulled out of the records seized from Phantom Pain at the end of the Second Bloody Valentine War and utilized to make an AI system, though the system fell far short of expectations. The AI was reworked so that the system would only deploy its Wire-Guided Beam Guns up to 30 meters out from the hips so that the Windam-level computer could handle the spatial calculations in real time. While this is not sufficient for an All Range Attack, it is sufficient for providing point defense -- firing upon units which approach from blind spots in the Mobile Armor’s weapons coverage. It should be noted that the Beam Guns are programmed not to fire in a way that would damage the Mobile Armor itself, but this can be overridden in an emergency. A pilot with Spatial Awareness can extend the Beam Guns well past this 30 meter limit.

Mounted above the hips is a MAU-M3C Dual Linear Gun, derived from that of the Exus. This takes advantage of the length of the Mobile Armor to accelerate projectiles to near railgun speeds without having to worry about mechanical wear. Therefore, it is cheaper to maintain with comparable performance.

Above the shoulders and on the sides of the Yeager area are a pair of hatches each. While the lower ones hold hand-held armaments like Beam Rifles, Beam Carbines, and E-Pacs; the top ones hold a pair of "Scylla" 580mm multi-phase energy cannons. Like those on the GAT-X133 Sword Calamity, these are typically tuned down to 30 percent power, both for the sake of power efficiency and to avoid causing splash damage to the shoulders of the Yeager. In an emergency, the power can be turned up to 100% like in the GAT-X303 Aegis or the GAT-X131 Calamity, but the Laminated Armor on the shoulders of the Mobile Suit may or may not be able to sustain the splash damage. Using 100% power is not recommended, and is usually only necessary with the main cannon is somehow disabled. These are considered to be the Mobile Armor’s secondary armament.

The MES-C01A Beam Claymores are large beam swords that are actually connected to the arms of the Mobile Suit. Their length and width can be specially controlled, and they are powered directly by the Mobile Armor. It is possible to use them as beam daggers, normal beam sabers, or even Anti-ship Swords 30 meters long and 2 meters in diameter. Increasing size and width, of course, increases battery consumption. Should these be disabled or if the power is too low, the Mobile Armor also has two hatches behind the head designed to hold a pair of normal beam Sabers.

The Missile Pods are a pair of pylons that extend from the sides of the Mobile Armor, and also have thrusters which can help control the Mobile Armor’s direction and roll. Each Missile Pod has 12 tubes (four rows of three), each of which can hold 5 Mk449 "Mini-Würger" micromissiles. This makes for 60 micro missiles per pod, and 120 micro missiles total. This is intended to be notably greater than that of the Blaze Wizard Pack. The armature on which the pod is mounted can also rotate 270 degrees, which not only allows the thrusters to have their thrust vectored at any point along those 270 drgees, but also gives the missiles an option to fire in as many different directions. This includes, forward, backward, dorsally (up), and ventally (down).

The Beam Shield Array is an array of six MX2207 Beam Shields –four of which flip out from the front of the Mobile Armor, out from the Hyper Beam Cannon. The other two are on the sides of the Mobile Armor, and are designed to partially help protect the sides of the Mobile Armor from attack. They are designed to function in a way similar to the Beam Shields on Mobile Suits used by the Clyne Faction as well as ZAFT in CE 74, though in addition to functioning independently, they can form one large shield in front of the Mobile Armor around the barrel of the Hyper Beam Cannon. This is a lower cost alternative to the Positron Deflector, though it only protects the Mobile Armor from attacks to the front and some from the sides. It also does not protect the front of the main Beam Cannon. Though the Beam Shield technology was originally developed by ZAFT, the technology was successfully parallel-engineered based on the Beam Shield of the CAT-X1/3 Hyperion.

In the end, the Mobile Armor created is a unit capable of operating in seek and destroy or escort missions, or even working out of a ship alongside Mobile Suits. The Yeager is rather cheap compared to the Euclid, and is a good compromise in size between a full-size Mobile Armor and a Mobile Suit without sacrificing too much firepower. It can even be stored in a ship’s MS hangar, and utilize MS Catapults and launching systems. Should it move out of the prototype phase, the number will change from YMAF-X15A to YMAF-15A.

Note: This submission is inspired in part by the UC-era MSA-0011[Bst] Plan 303E "Deep Striker" as well as various Gundam SEED and Destiny Mobile Armors.
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Submission -- YMAF-X15A/YMAF-15A Yeager
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