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 Fen Rokuro

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PostSubject: Fen Rokuro   Thu Jul 29, 2010 6:33 pm

Player name: Lunamaria
English language proficiency: Native speaker
Character number: 2
Faction: ZAFT
Requested faction membership: Yes


Full name: Fen Rokuro
Nicknames: Lulu, Purple Drama,
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Coordinator 1st Generation
Occupation: Singer, Model, Celebrity, Student,
Birthplace: October City, October 1
Citizenship: PLANTs
Personality: While she follows the rules set down for her Fen bends them as much as possible without breaking them, she doesn't really want to go that far. Wanting to be seen as a good girl for the most part, a faux rebel is the best she can manage. She works hard seemingly more so when she doesn't need to even though she already has everything she needs in life. She is forced to be studious through her choice of career and her ambition for the future, the driving force behind her life. While wanting to follow in her fathers footsteps she doesn't want to be the political pushover she sees him as.

Fen has moments of aggravating misunderstandings with worrying frequency for the people that are concerned about her safety, whilst her unnerving intelligence often catches people off-guard, highlighting the problem. Examples would be turning up to the wrong gig or the wrong time that at points makes her seem devoid of commonsense.

She is also capable of being very manipulative but having people at her beck and call means this is lost on everyday life but a useful skill on occasion. She doesn't need to use it very often preferring it as a last effort to get what she wants from someone and only when she has something to gain never just for the fun of it. She often feels guilty about it afterwards that leads her to drawn out apologises that are either unneeded or unwanted.

Her communicative skills lend to her power over people being rather impressive, she often knows the right thing to say whether she believes it or not and rarely needs to give it much thought. She seems to treat most people with respect but if she has it for them is a different matter. Her public face is a friendly, likable personality not unlike the idols that came before her or the ones that will most likely come after her. This isn't too far from the truth, she is an outwardly friendly person that cares about her friends and family. She is used to strangers and quickly getting to know then, unafraid of public appearances and interviews she fits the roll of being an idol well.

She doesn't like people making fun of her and doesn't take very well to criticism and isn't unknown for childish bouts of sulking but not in public. She also has little patience at times for people that don't, after a maximum two explanations understand what she's trying to say even if its her fault that can lead to sarcastic rants. While not actively supportive of the military she is quite a fan of mobile suits and collected a few miniature models of them.


Height: 5'9"
Weight: 45kg
Hair Colour and Style: Naturally blond but she hasn't been natural for four years. Dyed light purple with several streaks of light blue, styled into a spiked mess clipped up at the back on each side. It reaches down to her chin in some places at its longest but isn't boyish.

Eye Colour: Redish brown
Identifying Marks: Her hair is her trademark look and something that makes her instantly recognizable, unless of course its one of her fans copying her hair style.

Skin Tone: Pale but not unhealthily so.

Build: Slender, her legs curved just right leading to a well formed posterior, her stomach flat and smooth from her quite thin waist until it reaches her ribcage. From there it rises an inch and a half along the ridges of bone that lay just level with her skin before rising again when it reaches her bust.

Clothing: Top of the range but not always, while in public custom tailored clothes but anything from fitted jeans and tank tops to elaborate dresses. Her stage costumes change just a often normally requested by the sponsor. She's quite fond of a ZAFT style sweater top she got after a promotional photo shoot.

Handiness: Left-handed

Said ZAFT photo,

Original artist Noizi Ito


Mother: Juno Rokuro (Cragus) (43), Secretary for Aki Rokuro
Father: Aki Rokuro (51), Administrative Committee Chair in the Supreme Council
Siblings: None
Spouse: None

Personal History:
The Rokuro family originated from Hong Kong joining the PLANTs right from the start as one of the families of scientists that helped oversee construction. Since then they have always had some sway over the choices made and the family is fairly well respected in higher society in the PLANTs. It was while Aki Rokuro’s father was working on this project that Aki met and fell in love with Juno. She gave up her family and inheritance to be with him, a move frowned upon by her family. But she was greatly rewarded with her new life and it’s a move she doesn’t regret.

Fen's early life was uneventful, her father didn't taking a particularly active role in bringing her up leaving it up to her mother. Fen never had active dislike for her father but was never able to see him acting as a father, having little acknowledgement for him in that respect is one of the factors making him seem weak to Fen now. Under her mother’s guidance she started to lean various musical instruments some she liked and others she didn't. The ones she kept leaning were the piano, flute, clarinet, violin and guitar and are regularly used in her current performances.

When she was six the events closing events of the war, she remembers the pictures of the shattered hourglasses like many others with horror. By comparison she was more or less unaware of the nuclear attack but used to the apprehension that they could be attacked at anytime was normal even if she didn't understand it. She learned quite a lot about it and with that her distrust of Naturals dissipated due her more recent studies explaining their actions but their threat still seems to be around.

While her mother was founding her musical talents Fen was starting school, she quickly secured herself on the social ladder even at the young age easily being the most popular person to be with. This standing stayed with her for the rest of her school life, she's always been surrounded with people and one of her greatest fears is being alone. In school she's was also a number one student and a good athlete she was able to add to this further when she was thirteen she was approached by a modelling company.

It started off pretty basic, the odd advert in magazine for clothes and makeup but when they found out about her music talents they changed perspective. Juno was already unhappy with the company and after they tried to get her to sign a bonding contract and after a few more weeks they left. This was only a few days before some of Fen's friends started a band which she dove into it was at this point she started dying her hair. The band had minor success even managing to appear in the line up for the PLANTs Music festival, in their second year. Alas like so many bands shortly after they had problems, one of the members was moving to Earth another wanted to focus of school work so after two years and three months they split up.

It was only weeks later Fen was offered a solo record deal, singing was something she was good at although she thinks she plays the violin better. She accepted and before she knew it she was in the charts with, "Picture It If You Will" and "It Isn't Endless". This trend continued until she was more or less a house hold name in the PLANTs, her soft vocals frequently on the radio. Some would attribute this to the father in the governments that she has nothing to do with and will rarely get even a word of praise from. These are far as she knows untrue and she is extraordinarily talented and what she does so it isn't that likely, is it?

Now she's famous he has been asked to do modelling again from a wide array of companies, while she tried not to sell her image she has been a ZAFT picture girl among other things. She was also the voice of Lulu in an animated film last year that did fairly well in the download charts, the tale of a rouge mobile suit pilot trying to save his girlfriend. Even with all this she is still a student studying political and social sciences with the aim of becoming a politician. While singing and modelling is nice it isn't what she wants to do with her life.

Her style is a wide range from pop punk to folk and soft rock without being extreme and likeable by most but she has quite a range and does several choral pieces. Her instrument of choice is a blue and purple striped seven string electric violin. There are plans for a trans global tour but these are only rumours, this would be her first set of concerts outside the PLANTs.

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Fen Rokuro
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