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 Roxanna Hollis

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PostSubject: Roxanna Hollis   Thu Jul 29, 2010 6:36 pm

Player name: Lunamaria
English language proficiency: Native speaker
Character number: 1
Faction PLANTs
Requested faction membership: Yes


Full name: Roxanna Hollis
Nickname: N/a
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Coordinator 2nd Generation
Occupation: Recruit/ Pilot
Birthplace: Aprilius City, Aprilius Five
Citizenship: PLANT
Personality: Enrollment in the ZAFT armed forces has left her
filled with rhetoric and propaganda about the job she'll be doing. This leaves her view of what happened in the last two wars and the reality different on the finer point. Naturals are the evil in this world and they are a threat to our continued existence. Where as before she was not a willing soldier now she a prime example of what vigorous training can do.

Before boot camp she was a girl that excelled at mechanics and physics, bubbly and cheerful having a small group of close friends. Now she is beginning to recover those traits, it could be seen that recruitment lead to a form of depression for her. There wasn't really a reason why, it might have been a subconscious knowledge that there were other things she wanted to do instead. It is unlikely to take her long to recover, she thinks in a different way from before, more reasoned and more open to new people, but its still a problem.

She was never very good a making friends, taking her awhile to get used to new people. In a situation where she doesn't know anyone in a room she'll wait for either someone to talk or leave this makes accepting new people a constant struggle.

On first glance she seems like a quiet girl, silent in her opinion and distant from other people. This changes once she opens up, she tells people what she thinks in right rather than listening to them and can bevery talkative. She has high self esteem both from doing very well theoretically in training and with her body, although it isn't perfect or what here parents intended she's happy with it.

She has as far as she knows never encountered a Natural, they seem alien as do their reasons for forbidding gene technology. She doesn't have a problem with killing as long as its in self defense, Naturals where the ones that started both wars and they are a threat that must be defended against. They would never use nuclear weapons on civilians and have never approached the atrocities the Earth Alliance preformed on their own people. They are incapable of peace even with the removal of Logos they still want to fight each other as much as anyone.


Height: 5'6" (167.64cm)
Weight: 54kg
Hair Colour and Style: Shoulder blade length black straitened hair with a short fringe from the left side. Mostly black but some bright auburn streaks no more than a centimeter across, three on the right evenly spaced, on her left one on her fringe and one near the backof her head.

Eye Colour: Amber, her right eye has a darker almost red discoloration at the base of the iris.

Identifying Marks: Eyes, Hair

Skin Tone: Pale her upper arms are freckled very slightly, she doesn't tan and burns quite easily in strong sunlight.

Slender, it could be called skinny. She's rather flat chested and even with physical training and being stronger than the average Natural Roxanna doesn't look it.

Clothing: Green ZAFT uniform, she's opted for the trouser version; standard green flight suit.

In everyday wear she tends towards sundresses in any colour, but it vastly depends on the situation. In her locker is one black sundress, one light blue, two pairs of blue jeans, one black and a collection of tops.

Handiness: Right-handed


Mother: Wendy Hollis (Berchest), head of market research
and development for a small firm that produces car accessories. (40)
Biological Father: Kaze Dante Mizaki? (41) (Unkown to her)
Father: Owen Hollis, employ of the Intelligence bureau.
Siblings: Maxy Hollis, MS team commander (20)
Lessanna Hollis, (14)
Agnate sibling: Ryou Creed Misaki, (18) Half brother (Unkown to her)
Spouse: None

Personal History:

Known only to three people is the affair between Wendy Hollis and Kaze Dante Mizaki. Her new husband having left her for several months after the birth of their son she developed feelings for the geneticist than would check her son every couple of weeks. She though of him as someone she could trust and be open with which was something she was lacking due to the absence of her love.

Over the following year they became closer forming a intimate relationship hidden away from everyone. It wasn't hard, her husband only came back for a few weeks at a time before vanishing again though she loved him she also loved Kaze. Hidden from everyone the two became closer spending even more time with each other that lead to something else. Having gone out for dinner they had returned to Kaze's home and the rest of that night was blank.

Having gone in for a routine check up with her doctor a week later Kaze told her she was pregnant. Aghast Wendy didn't know what to do but Kaze assured her everything would be fine and when her husband came back three weeks later she was to convince him to have another child. She didn't remember what happened that night but he told her that she had given full consent and he was happy that they could be together. This was the time that she began to distrust him, she had wanted a relationship but she loved her husband and wanted to have her family with him. Trying to hide this from Kaze she went along with his plan to trick her husband.

They went to the Lab where Kaze would be the friendly doctor overseeing the process, rather skillfully they were able to fool Owen who worked a the Intelligence Bureau with a fake procedure. With this she was able tohide her affair but her husband was going to be staying the PLANTs for quite some time. His absence being the reason behind their relationship Wendy stopped seeing Kaze as a lover though she woulds keep him as a doctor. Throughout the early pregnancy he gave her drugs to "Aid the fetuses development" and she never questioned that, but grew further away from him as time went on. Even when her husband left again she didn't return to him now having a three year old son to care for as well as the pending birth of her daughter.

Roxanna Hollis was born on the 6th of April 68CE, her parents were well off living in a moderately sized home in Aprilius Five, ten minutes away from the central district. She was born with abnormalities, while mostly cosmetic it worried both parents and doctors. They were baffled as to how pigment discolouration could be caused when they followed a standard procedure. After much discussion it was decided that it was the mother to blame rather than science, "The genes mutated due to imperfect nature of the womb," Was their report. Though now her mother knew that it was something that Dr Mizaki had done she didn't tell anyone.

Through her young life this child shown no sign abnormalities other thancolour of her hair and eye. She did well in school but showed nothing impressive to warrant merit. Both her parents worked long hours, her father would be away for weeks at a time but would bring gifts for his son and daughters when he did return. Although she loved them dearly Roxanna never developed a close bond with either of her parents, they felt like people that she just happened to live with. She was close with her brother and younger sister, her play mates until she reached the age of thirteen.

School was different and slowly she started to make other friends hampered slightly by her appearance but in reality she wasn't disfigured. Her hair could quite easily be explained as dyed her eye less so but it was too noticeable. By the time she was fourteen she was part of a group of four friends with similar interests, music, mechanics, television programs and the like. This was as wide spread as she felt comfortable, this inexperience at meeting new people came to haunt her when she left the group to join the academy when she finished school.

This move in her life was pressured by her father than felt strongly about defending PLANT, still he spent weeks away and not say where he had been. Also her brother had joined the forces quickly progressing though the ranks after the Second Bloody Valentine War. Her mother also supported the move meaning in her eyes there was little choice, it wasn't that she hated it however. The fields of physics and mechanics she was interested in was suited to mobile suits and piloting was a practical use for her skills. This wasn't her first choice, she started training as a ship pilot after basic training but after three weeks she changed. The idea of having a ship load of people being dependent on her was to much pressure, the profilers suggested she become a MS pilot after reviewing her progress.

She began training as a MS pilot in a simulator and
ZGMT-01 GINN, she didn't excel using the old machine but did well in the simulators for more advanced GINNs, BuCUEs and ZAKUs. In basic training she was gifted with strong Firearm proficiency, Tactical thinking and Adaptive programing all skills she had no understanding of before hand. She can hit a targets moving a high speed from a moderate distance with almost every shot on the range. She understands the tactics used in modern combat and can adapt them to most simulations. She had used computers before and written basic programs in school but she was able to adapt an OS to the needed spec in only fifteen minutes, compared to the normal half an hour. Combat wise she's mediocre at best, even though she can hand the machine she has very little idea of what battle really is.

The start of her active service had been difficult, from landing on Earth for the first time and mere hours later sent after the missing team she hadn't met yet. She only hopes from here on in it gets better.

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Roxanna Hollis
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