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 Hailey Rain Washington

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PostSubject: Hailey Rain Washington    Thu Jul 29, 2010 6:49 pm

Player name: Lunamaria
English language proficiency:
Native speaker,
Character number:
Faction: Earth Alliance,
Requested faction membership: Yes


Full name: Hailey Rain Washington
Nickname: C-132, Rain
Age: Appears to be 20
Gender: Female
Race: Third Generation Extended,
Occupation: Soldier
Birthplace: Berlin
Citizenship: Eurasia

Rain doesn’t get along well with anyone bluntly, she doesn’t like people at all. Because of this dislike she rarely acknowledges other peoples existence let alone feelings or desires. The product of this is a woman that doesn’t speak much other than when she’s in battle. And truly doesn’t care about how people feel or what they think. She doesn’t trust or rely on anyone else to help her and can’t be relied on to help others without orders. She doesn’t have a reason to fight other than she’s told to and she enjoys it, she doesn’t care about anyone else reasons. She will only voice her opinion when asked by a directly superior officer.

To a person watching her Rain seems to be the silent brooding type, not one to interact much. When she does it’s often curt and rude, it doesn’t matter what other people think of her and she isn’t trying to impress anyone. She is just there to fight and that’s all they want her to do.


Height: 5’8”
Weight: 57 kg
Hair Colour and Style: Blackish Grey, shoulder length that may be tied back on occasion.
Eye Colour: Blue
Identifying Marks: Scar along her back from top to bottom an inch
to the right of her spine. Part of her right collarbone is missing at
the top from a bullet wound.
Skin Tone: Pale,
Build: Slender tall woman with a toned body but low muscle mass made up for with high density.
Clothing: Very plain, no effort involved clothing. Uniform is often left open, she doesn’t enjoy being constrained and tends towards baggy loose clothing.
Handiness: Ambidextrous, Right hand favoured,


Personal History:

Felicitas was born in 63CE to a couple in Berlin, the birth of her and her twin brother was an accident. From a very young age she was abused by her father, beaten, belittled, tortured and raped. He took out his own insecurities and problems on his two young children, his drunken rages would leave both of them cowering for days. Its pretty safe to say she hated her life, everyday living in fear. Her mother not much help, just as scarred of her husband as her children were. That man brought so much terror into the little girl’s eyes, she would quake at even his name. She wouldn’t cry though, she had already learnt the lesson that crying only brought more punishment.

She was lucky that when she was five what her mother had had enough but that was also one of the worst points. Karl killed Kelly and shot both of his children before shooting himself. From that point for a little while Felicitas was very luck girl. Shot through the chest her lung punctured the sound drew police into the building. It was tough but somehow both she and her brother survived. From there they were placed into an orphanage where she spent only a month. Both were then taken into a different style of home, a military one.

From the age of five and three months she was taken into one of the Earth Alliances top secret programs and then for most of her life never saw the light of day again. A trained killer, top of the range in performance enhancing drugs, physical and mental training and a brutal regime. Life fire training, fights to the death, Felicitas climbed to the top of that pile of children with their blood and bones as her hand grips. As she got better training stepped up as did strictness. She lost contact with her brother a long time ago, but she knew he was alive before, now she wasn’t so sure. Time didn’t mean much, just day after day, week after week she trained for all the time she was awake.

She was one of the perfect specimens and was a prime candidate for cloning. So an updated life was created from her, a copy with her DNA but improved for a better solider. The person that was created of this DNA was called Hailey Rain Washington, a girl identical to her clone parent. She had rapid growth till late puberty, increased by drugs and the genetic changes. Now she looks like she is in her early twenties, though she is in reality much younger than that.

She was put through the same training as her original had done and as expected was superior. Her reactions, her muscle density, intelligence along with a photographic memory, she is a vision of a perfect soldier. She has done admirably in all her training but hasn’t taken well to the social aspects. Partly from her originals past abilities and upbringing isolated she doesn’t like people at all. Her usual reaction is to ignore them, people for the most part were completely useless and she didn’t have time for them. It also came quite apparent she didn’t deal well with authority, though she would follow orders as programmed there was a lot of attitude. She doesn’t tend to work well in large operations with other groups due to her disrespect of other pilots. It is due her
qualities as a pilot and stability that she remains in the program.

She is finally being introduced to full action in the near future, she has piloted a Windam on several occasions but not in combat. It is believed that she is adequate for the duties assigned to her.

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Hailey Rain Washington
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