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 Working over a hot PC for you guys

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PostSubject: Working over a hot PC for you guys   Fri Aug 06, 2010 12:44 am

As of noon today, almost 11 hours ago I've been working almost completely on set up for the new forum.

I will be working almost all this weekend on it as well as much of tomorrow. Soon I hope to be at a stage where other Staff can help me out, and moving in can start before it goes fully live.

Unless something major happens I hope to have a functional site by early next week.

It won't be pretty yet but it will hopefully work, if you know people that are more experienced with PHP than I then send them my way, some of this could be tricky.

I may not be posting, or I might depending on how well it goes, see you guys soon.

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Working over a hot PC for you guys
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