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 The end of prejudice

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PostSubject: The end of prejudice   Sat Aug 14, 2010 2:15 am

"Brace for impact!" The ship shook with a huge boom, another spell hammering the thick armor of the battleship. The boom was soon answered by a series of short, stacatto blasts, the sound of the cannons on the ship fireing at their foes. "Damage report!" "Sir! Observation deck is hit! No count on the casualities yet!"

"Commander, the heavy cruser Wolfbane is pulling back. She seems to have sustained heavy damaged." "Tell her captian to get back in the fight! We are not running away!" "Not even if it costs you this entire fleet Commander Higgens?" The voice came from a young man dressed like a noble on the front in wartime. While this wouldn't have been that unsusal, the man's face was almost entirely covered in machines, the ends of which continueing past what the eye could normaly see. "Believe me Higgens, I would like nothing better than to fight to the last man but we can't right now, not this early in the campian. Let Wolfbane go, send her captian a message to head to the nearest allied port. We will meet with them later. Is that understood?"

Black clouds gathered on the horision, an omen of something powerful approaching.
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The end of prejudice
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