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PostSubject: Esterboard   Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:26 pm


Helos at this time of day was all hustle and bustle, everyone everywhere seemed to be busy at once. Men headed into the mines, women shooing children to work or school. The market already opening and shop stalls being laid out. The sun was barely over the horizon, thanks to all the noise Lilura was up as well. Already dressed and looking out of the window from the third story of the inn. The last of her money had gone on a bed for the night and today she needed to get a job, it shouldn't be too hard in a town as busy as this. Her long red hair was still lose and caught in the draft. It smelt like a nice day at least, fresh air and a sky of white puffy clouds. For a spring it was nice enough, more than enough to get the birds out of bed bright and early.

Pulling her bandanna on and tying the ends off Lilura picked up her bag, a patched brown fabric backpack that seemed quiet full of various things. Her broom stick which was well looked after even though she tended not to use it unless she had to. It was on the verge of the rules as it was so it was generally better to just to walk most places. With the five foot staff over her shoulder she was almost ready to leave, all that was left sat on her pillow looking on silently. Turning her back Lilura let out a squeak as she look a step to leave. With a bound and leap a small black cat leapt from the bed and settled itself on the brush of her broom. Catching hold of the twigs with its claws. She was a witch, she looked like one and acted like one. That didn't always go down well but she wasn't a bad person and witches weren't hated here, just not trusted. That was fine, she didn't trust most of them either.

Walking down the street she couldn't help but smile, all the bright colours and things on display. Compared to home this place was huge, it was unnerving and exciting even on the second day. Though she barely had two coins to rub together she couldn't help but look closely at the fruit stall and took a deep breath at the bakery, no breakfast for her though, not until she fond something to do. It was as she was looking in a shop window at a help wanted sign that the first event of the day happened. One that came quite unexpected to her. Most of the town was build into the cliff, houses stacked on houses with stairs joining them. Each layer was like a street down the side of the face Up on top where she was shopping it was clear and open, like a normal town. In the distance of this open space appeared a plum of dust. Just as she started to turn to look there was a rumbling roar, one she hadn't heard before. Everyone around her seemed to become very worried, several darted towards the dust and there was shouting. Confused and not really knowing if it was normal or not Lilura started to follow the shifting crowds. The paces seemed to quicken to runs as they got closer, it was still a quite a way away but the shouts got louder.

Feeling the concern that seemed to be all around she dropped her broomstick from her shoulder. With a flick of her left leg she took stride Placing her hands around the top Lilura kicked off from the ground. The wind ruffled at her dress and the twigs of the brush rattled against each other. Above the crowds she was able to make greater pace, not much faster than a person could run she drifted along at the fasted pace she felt safe at. It would be hard for people to miss her though, other than the hat she was quite iconic. Even down to the small black cat perched behind her. She was concerned about what happened though she didn't really know what it was. Everyone else seemed very worried though. While she was up here though she got to see a very nice view of the town, it was pretty in a chaotic way, all the streets like a spiders web. Red tile roofs and a grey stone houses.

When she reached the dust she dived right in, squinting until she could see the ground. Pulling up on the handle she made a rather scatted landing but a landing on two feet none the less. Leaving the broom where it settled she dropped her bag next to it and moved with a quick pace moved towards the epicentre. Several large men were trying to pull huge boulders clear, the size of some of them were far to big for people to move with any ease. A crowd was building around them as the men struggled and strained. The mine must have caved in, so people might well be trapped, hence their attempts to open it up again. Well she was here and it was something important so, she had to do something. For a moment Lilura paused, thinking carefully about what she was going to do and what it meant.

With a breath clogged with dust she walked right up to the biggest rock, several people were already straining to move it. Slipping between them she found an open gap. Moving earth wasn't something she was all that good at most of the time. Fire and water were easier to deal with, earth was always rather stuck up about being used. Still she couldn't use anything else here right now, and anything would be complicated. Her mind had settled on something, it was one of the most powerful things she had ever tried to do before and never on the fly. Still here went nothing, with a voice that carried an intoxicating infliction she spoke out placing her hands against the rock, “Mighty wind and water of ages, break upon these fallen rocks as waves on a beach.” Now she lent her head closer and kissed the rough surface, some of the men backing away with confusion, one or two with fear. Lilura continued “Forgive me your wrath Mother Earth and permit this wrinkle, weather the sands of time.” She closed her green eyes and waited, it took a while but when it started it impressed her more than anyone. The rocks started to weather away, eroding into pebbles and sand. It spilled down, passing over her boots and down towards the crowd. Much more manageable than they were before, they'd have to work fast though. After people staring in confusion for a while several ran forwards, picking up shovels, some just with their bare hands. Pulling at the sand that stated to spill outwards.

Lilura took a step back at first, after seeing for sure that it had worked she didn't hesitate in joining them. Her smooth well cared hands ploughing into the sand and pulling it from the entrance. Part of the job description was to help people, this way was more immediate than most. In her black dress and over dress she worked away, sand getting everywhere.


Tanik stirred slightly as the cool morning air began to seep through his cloak. As the sun crept over the horizon, he slowly opened his eyes, even though he couldn't see much light. It was no surprise, as he had slept behind a house at one of the backroads of this town, Helos, and the side he slept on faced away from the rising sun. He got up and stretched before dusting himself off.

He checked his tools, weapon, and money bag to make sure no one robbed him while he was asleep. He had more than enough money to have used an inn, but he preferred to save whenever he could and only used Inns when necessary (like when the weather turned disagreeable). He then made his way toward the markets, where it would be bustling within the hour.

"It's a really nice town. I'm glad I was able to start working at the mines, ever since I came here two days prior," he thought with a slight smile on his face. By the time he reached the markets, people were already moving about with organized chaos. A number of them were fellow miners, some of which waved when they recognized him, the newcomer. He returned their waves as he looked around the stalls that sold various food. He bought a half-loaf of bread, a section of ham, and two apples. He then used a vacant table and sliced up the bread and ham to make a number of sandwiches. He stored most of them and the apples into a bag where he tucked back into his cloak while he ate one sandwich as he walked toward the mine.

By the time he reached the nearest mine, which mainly held coal, the bustle of activity rivaled that of the markets. A number of men were already making their way into the mine, laughing as the entered. Tanik wouldn't be going in until a little later. He already proven his skills as a miner, but he also knew these resident miners had more experience with the layout and quirks of this mine and was appreciative of their tutelage. Instead, he helped prepare the carts, which were lined up on a series of rails. One of them had a loose hinge near the front axle, so he pulled out a few small tools and worked to tighten and secure the hinge.

The foreman walked over and said with approval while patting Tanik's left shoulder, "You really are skilled, aren't you?"

"It's just stuff I picked up during my travels," Tanik replied humbly.

"Travels, eh? I wish I could do the same, but with the missus and the kids...Ah, to be young again. Anyways, you're to head in with the next group in about ten minutes. Good luck," the foreman said with a smile.

"Understood, thanks," he replied with a slight smile of his own as he worked to finish setting up the last of the carts. He walked over to where his group had gathered and placed their extra tools and lunch boxes down. He waved in greeting and most of them replied in kind. He placed his cloak on a half-broken post, where it then sagged a little under the weight of the cloak and its contents. He pulled out his pickax, sledgehammer, and shovel, all of which could be un-folded and locked in place. It was something he came up with after acquiring a variety of skills; it made it easier to carry all of these tools.

Then a deafening rumble could be heard and felt. Dirt and rock blew out and spewed beyond the mine entrance. Everyone covered their face at the oncoming rush of sand and dirt.


"Shit, Jack and Dan's groups just went in there not too long ago!" Tanik's group leader shouted as all the available miners made their way to the entrance. Some dropped everything they had to make it there. Tanik lagged behind slightly as he carried his three main mining tools.

"A cave-in. We have to work quick but carefully in order to secure a route so that those miners can get out," he thought to himself as he arrived just in time to witness a seemingly otherworldly sight.

A young woman with orange hair and black attire bent down and reached toward the center of the mix of boulders as other stepped back. Then she seemed to mutter something softly just before the boulders seem to vibrate and crumble from some invisible force. Some miners muttered in fear, others in criticism. Tanik simply looked on in awe. He had heard stories of magic-users, but this was the first time he's seen it in action. He then shook his head as he immediately took upon the opening that she set. He dropped his hammer and pickax before dashing over with his shovel and began to
scoop up sand and tossed it to the side. Other miners also joined the fray, some with shovels, others with just their bare hands.

Sweat trickled down in streams all over his body as he focused on getting one big shovel-full of sand after the next. It slowly got more organized, as the sand was shoved back and to the sides, rather than just in the initial haphazard spread. Another miner wheeled a cart forward, which was full of shovels. Tanik looked over briefly at the magic-user, who was also doing her part, but with just her hands which seemed to be ill-suited for this rough work. He then dashed to the cart and grabbed several shovels. He called out and tossed two out of three shovels to other miners.

He dashed back and tapped the young woman on the shoulder before handing the shovel to her as he said, "Here."



The lush greens of the trees was almost too empowering as bright yellow sunrays danced down on the dampened green grasses. A deafening silence was surrounding the forests around Duskat. There was the occasional chirp of a bird, and the brief sound of an animal rushing through the trees in search of food to feed itself. But aside of this, absolutely nothing was going on. The forest seemed as magically still as it should be.

And this was where Azeal was. With her legs crossed, she had plopped herself down in the center of a bank of green grass, with trees all around her in a circle. She had just gotten away from the other gypsies, in a way she liked to think of as ‘sneaking’ away. When she was far enough away from the campground, she had decided to meditate for some time before going back to the forest edge to look out at Duskat itself. Her hands in her lap, Azeal had her eyes closed, and her face was in a rather neutral frown. The breeze blowing constantly brought her hair over her face, which made her exhale in puffs to blow the hair away. It was as if the forest itself didn’t want to let her enjoy her moments of peace.

Standing up, Azeal quickly brushed her skirt off to make sure the bits of sand. There was no point in sitting around and daydreaming about going to the city. She just couldn’t interact with others, especially since most people didn’t like associating with gypsies. She sighed and began trudging through the grass, her feet heavy against the ground. She hated when she couldn’t focus. It was difficult enough to get away from the others, but not having a chance to focus in on her meditating, made her agitated. She didn’t have any time to connect with the forest, and feel the growth around her.

She soon stopped when she could see a long distance between herself and Duskat itself. The city seemed so alive, with people walking around. Azeal curiously pressed the flat of her palm against a tree and looked over at the city. People seemed so busy. Life there went so fast, Azeal could never get along there. She was more into taking time to experience moments. Blinking once, Azeal brought her hand to her chest and clasped it tightly with her other hand.

Alistair Judge

"Well, everyone, it’s about time for me to be off!" Arthur announced to his fellow boarders who, over the past months, had become like a family to him. Oscar, the rather short and temperamental stall vendor with a heart of gold, Balthazar the pungent smelling tosher, Henrietta, a rather…eccentric stage actress and of course, Ms. Edith, the owner of the boarding house. He was going to miss them all, though he was only leaving for a short while but of course, depending on what it was he ran into on his journey, it could be much longer. They as well seemed sad to young Arthur go, but they knew full well what it meant to be young. The five of them stood outside the rather humble boarding house waiting for the boy’s carriage to come and whisk him off to Ferroushire. There was a light, reassuring breeze in the air as he stood there waiting, leaving the young Howell with a sense of confidence towards the journey ahead. In a matter of moments, the carriage pulled up before them and Arthur gave his comrades a smiling bow "Until I return, everyone" he said, hopping up into the cab "I’ll be sure to write down everything for you all" he added as the horses galloped off towards the gates of town.

After a few hours of travelling, Arthur let out a sigh. Opening his trunk next to him, He pulled out his leather-bound writing book, bigger than the one he typically carried around in his bag, and began to jot down various things as he went, until he was interrupted by the carriage driver "So, what about Ferroushire interests you?" he cried, causing Arthur to poke his head out the window, a little annoyed at the position he had to answer from "Well…" he began, fidgeting a little so as to lessen the stress of craning his neck "I’m a writer and I’m always looking to go to new places…and…truth be told, I really need to broaden my demographic" he said, before growing distant "I…also heard there are some diamonds to be found" he said, almost as if he wasn’t paying attention, before a violent bump in the road shot him nearly up into the carriage roof before sending him flying through the door. There was a horrifying crack as a wheel splintered away into hundreds of wooden shards, the carriage falling drunkenly to it’s corner as the horses let out a cry of distress. Eventually the wooden death-trap slid to halt, the horses generally unharmed though the same couldn’t be said about poor Arthur Howell, who found himself face first in the dirt road, his trunk and it’s contents strewn about across the road. Letting out a groan, the boy propped himself on his shoulders and looked around, sighing at the sight of his belongings laying in the dirt around him and his ride now in splinters. Rising to his feet, Arthur grabbed his trunk and began collecting his things as he made his way to the driver, who was almost in tears at the sight "Sorry about that kid…looks like I won’t be taking you anywhere today…" he said, grabbing the money he had been paid and shoving it back into the boy’s hand. The Howell boy looked down the road, rubbing his neck painfully and nodded to no one in particular before walking off without a word, his destination the city of Helos.


Sand gathered in coarse chunks under Lilura's nails, it hut a bit but was quite inconsequential. There wasn't all that much more she would allow herself to do as a witch, she'd ready invoked wind for something quite major so doing so again was a bad idea. There was more she could do, she wouldn't though, it would be rather too risky for her taste. Scooping away at the sand and pebbles she didn't really notice too much of what was going on around her. Her goal was just to get through before people started running out of air. However on reflection it seemed that she wasn't needed for that any more. Starting to stand up Lilura felt a tap on her shoulder, her head flicked, sending sand scattering away out of her hair. It was a man, offering her a spade, well she couldn't really not take it. She smiled and took it from him but back away to take a look first.

There were more than enough people working there right now, men shovelling sand away, lighter men and boys standing atop the pile probing with long sticks. There was little her skinny form could do here. She offered the spade to another man that came running forwards with a polite smile. Now she backed away , watching. A few moments later they pulled the first man out, followed by another, spluttering and stuttering. Feeling that her work was mostly done Lilura moved back towards her bags. Her cat was sat there, her bag and broom stick still in place. Sand and dust clogged the air, it covered her as well. As well asher nails, her boots, under her clothes, in her hair everywhere. Having never been to a beach for Lilura it was a brand new experience, not a pleasant one though, quite uncomfortable. Away from the imminent action she watched for a while, wishing the best for those trapped and wanting to see if it all paid off.


After handing the magic-user a shovel, he went with the main group and shoveled sand quickly, but systematically. In a short amount of time, they managed to clear most of the sand from the entrance. One of the boys poked his stick in and then waved. Tanik nodded as he reached in and immediately felt something warm and moving. He reached in further and got a grip before pulling. Out came a muscular arm, followed by a trapped miner.

"Drake! He's a part of Dan's group!"

"Keep clearing the sand away; the rest of you work to get them out!"

Tanik grunted as he waded further into the diminishing pile of sand. He was directed to another spot and pulled out another miner, and then another and so on. Other fellow miners near him did the same until they managed to pull everyone from Dan's group out safely. Some had sand in their mouths, but they were helped by the women onsite.

Tanik and a few other miners made it past the initial cave-in. Two of the miners had lamps and they waved them around to examine the inner levels of the mine. They spread out and after a few minute, Tanik's sub-group found another cave-in. Rocks of various sizes blocked the passageway except for several gaps at the top. It was there that he could hear voices and sounds of chipping.

"I think Jack's group is trapped in here!" Tanik shouted as he borrowed a pickax and started to break down weaker points of the rock 'wall.' His eyes darted around as he engaged in this dangerous puzzle. His muscles grew taut as he and several others struggled to break down the wall. They had some success at opening up some holes, so they worked at widening those gaps. Tanik's eyebrows narrowed; there was always the risk of causing another cave-in if they didn't do this right.

"I, I think they can slip through that hole."
"It could work"

One miner climbed up a pile and reached through a wide hole. A moment later, he was able to pull out a miner who was covered in bruises and cuts. Tanik carefully eased him down and passed him onto the next miner behind him.

"Crap, some of the guys there are hurt, bad. Broken bones and such. They won't be able to crawl through that hole."

"Someone bring some stretchers in here!"

"I'll try to widen that hole!" Tanik shouted as he carefully held his pickax before continuing to chip away at the rocks... ___________________________________________

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Arthur let out a groan as he made his way down the dusty path, his trunk swaying back and forth with every tired step he took. According to his watch, he had been walking for about three hours now, with a ten minute break to sit beneath a shady tree, eat what food he had brought with him, and quickly scribble down the events of his misadventure thus far. The sun was beginning to set on his first day out of Logwell and it was definitely far from what he had planned, his feet sore and his boredom vaster than the ocean. However, upon the arrival of three complete strangers, a mix of emotions washed over young Arthur Howell. Hope, suspicion, pure elation, those and a medley of others seemed to inject themselves into his heart and soon, relief began to set in as well. He must be near Helos if there were other people on the road this far, so maybe he’d make it there by nightfall after all. “Howdy there stranger” said one of the men who approached Arthur, who remarked at the layer of dirt that he had apparently missed from afar “You must’ve travelled an awful long way if you came from that direction on foot, must be for something pretty important” the man continued, a rather devilish smile appearing on his face. In an instant Arthur knew the case, his hand reaching into his jacket, shaking like no tomorrow and while it was unintentional, he knew that it may help for an element of surprise.

“B-back off, scumbags!” Arthur cried, pulling his pistol, eyes closed in some strange mix of fear, tension and fury. But upon the sound of laughter, the young man opened his eyes to see three rusty pistols pointed back at him “damn…damn…damn” he thought, the words running through his mind on repeat, before they were pushed out with something a little more survival-oriented. With a quick, un-aimed shot of the pistol, Arthur rejoiced to see the men duck down to avoid the inaccurate shot, leaving Arthur a window to do what he did best. In a moment’s notice, he was so far down the street that the three men had no hope to even come close to him with a shot from their own fire-arms. Arthur just hoped for two things: that Helos was just a short ways away and that those men didn’t feel like chasing him down today.
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As if sensing she had overstayed her due welcome, Azeal quietly turned her body back around, her feet padding against the soft grass gently. She really wished she could go see the world, but she knew she had no place among normal people. Gypsies were disliked, and Azeal knew this very well. She knew not to disrupt people from cities and keep to herself unless she was telling someone’s future with her tarot cards or crystal ball. Fisting one hand, the girl began to walk back towards the campsite for some sort of chance to eat now. Skipping lunch had been a poor idea and she very much regretted it. With her eyes downcast now to look at the ground as she walked, Azeal quietly hummed to herself. There wasn’t much to do today, so she had all of the time in the world to herself.

Her pace quickened when she heard a shift in the greenery around her. Perhaps an animal had found her. Azeal was tensed suddenly. Although she felt close connection to the forests, she realized she was nervous about even running into an animal. Some of the animals around this forest tended to be violent when provoked or alone; Azeal was no prided fighter, and she had no way to handle that. Breaking into a run, Azeal began racing for the campsite. She was alone, and concerned that the animal might go and hurt her. But this was so unlike her; to run from something like Mother Nature’s children. She was taught to accept and cradle them. Slowing her pace, she at once breathed a relieved sigh and looked forward. The sound had magically stopped.

Biting her lower lip, Azeal stood still. She suddenly felt weak. She hadn’t run very far, but still she felt her stomach tighten up and her head become light. She could taste the dizziness in her mouth, and she immediately felt something crawling up her mind; she felt entirely dosed in some sort of strange fainting spell. At once, Azeal’s body dropped to the ground.


A faint green glow eminated around everything, and she opened her eyes faintly. She was laying down near something, and she felt warmth all around her body. The ground was hard, not like the expanses of green grass at Duskat forest. She slowly sat up, and looked ahead. Where was this? The camp was not like this, and certainly, nothing made sense. Rubbing at her eyes with one hand, she was about to move, but a hand grasped her own. Azeal looked to the owner of that hand to find a woman, possibly in her fourties by the appearance of the lines on her features and her somewhat aging hand. Azeal was almost nervous, but she remembered clearly that if she panicked things always went wrong. Azeal had to behave orderly.

“Do you want to be part of their world?”the woman asked, her hand extending to the side. Azeal turned her gaze curiously, and was caught with great interest at the sight of cobble streets. There was no grass, to towering trees. Only buildings. People were rushing down, busying themselves with their lives, and everything seemed to lively and exciting in comparison to the calm forests of Duskat. Azeal was intrigued. She wanted to see what this world was like; to feel what it felt like to be a part of it. “Then go to Helos,” the woman’s voice repeated. Azeal slowly turned her head back to wonder how the old lady even knew she wanted to be here, or why those people didn’t notice her, but froze when she couldn’t see the woman. Everything was going dark, and in moments, her head dropped back to the ground.


Azeal gasped and sat up, her eyes widened and an expression of confusion lingering on her features. She was back in the campsite, but she didn’t want to be. Her stomach was churning, and she wanted so badly to go to Duskat and just walk around. But how could she when she didn’t belong there? Biting onto her lower lip, Azeal released a stuffed up sigh. She could recall how different city life was from the Gypsy life. Although she loved it here dearly, she wanted to experience more. She slipped a hand into her pack, and withdrew her harmonica. The small, silver possession glittered in the pale sunlight. The vision said to go to Helos, she thought. I have to go, without Maa’. I need to see their world. Slowly, Azeal rose from what might be a bed, and was only too pleased to see her mother standing there. The silence helped to make her gather courage.

Before Azeal could speak, her mother smiled sadly, and extended a hand, clutching a gray bag with several things inside, presumably food. “I understand. I know I had the same look of determination on my face when I had a vision,” her mother spoke. “Go fulfill it, and come back with a story for us all.” Azeal’s eyes widened in surprise, and she slowly stood up. Nodding, she walked towards her mother, and grasped the bag. Mouthing thank you, she then hugged her mother tightly, and let out a small sniffle of sorrow. She had to go to Helos now.
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