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 [OOC] Esterboard

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PostSubject: [OOC] Esterboard   Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:30 pm

Now here is something a little different and rather new for me as well so I'll throw this out there and see what happens.

The idea behind this one is a more steampunk one, the technology level is around about the 1900s (the decade) so nothing too high tech. Rather than evolving past that its been the level of technology for the last fifty years. So bolt action rifles, revolvers, trains, basic automobiles and airships. The theme of many of the towns is that of industry with red brick and smoke stacks.

Magic does exist but its quite rare with less than 1% of people being able to use it. It takes the form of chants and incantations for the most part fewer still are able to do much more than parlour tricks. It takes a long time and most of those that are trained in such as way are part of the militaries that monopolises magic. This in turn creates a general distrust and fear between normal people and magic users. Wars between small nations happen often and wizards and witches are often the on the front lines.

For simple ideas as to the level of technology Studio Gihbi titles like, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Kiki's Delivery Service and Howl's Moving Castle should give some idea of how things look. Full Metal Alchemist would be another example.

As for what happens well I'm not sure yet. Lilura starts out in the town of Helos other than that well it depends on everyone else. From a quest to just having to survive a war to having something more mundane and every day. Basically pick whichever character you want to play and we'll see what story fits them. As always feel free to create things that seem to fit the theme and we'll see where it leads.

Full name: Lilura Morgant le Fay Smitch
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Occupation: Witch
Birthplace: Stag Bottom, Ferroushire
Nationality: Ferroushire

Ferroushire is a small city state just under a million people spread between the capital Ferrous and several smaller towns and villages. Most outside of the city are miners and farmers, inside are businessmen and many of the more wealthy citizens. The military compared to its neighbours is rather weak but other than the minerals and large amounts of Iron produced there is very little of value about the land. The government is an aristocracy where those few deemed worthy are allowed to decide the fate of the country.

Helos a town in the shadow of one of the great ruins. Most of the town itself its built into the side of a crescent shaped cliff over the remains of a large sink hole. There are high value iron deposits along with coal and even diamonds on odd occasions. The church, market place and several newer buildings spill onto the land on top of the cliff.

Lilura is smart, cheeky and rather confident in herself but there are contradictions to all of those in everyday life. When it comes to magic she is somewhat of an expert, at least in theory, as far as using it under pressure goes she has never have to. When it comes to common sense and every day things about the world she lives in she is quite lacking, She has a drive to understand though, and she learns rather quickly when she gets the chance. When on her own field of knowledge though she likes to take her direction and has a tendency to get a bit argumentative. Given the chance she would dive into a library and as many lectures on science as she could, she has been much better at theory than action so far in her life.

Having an abnormal outlook on life means that Lilura has a rather twisted sense of humour and she is happy to play devils advocate to prove a point or rile someone up. She likes to argue but doesn't do it for any aggressive reason, she wants to prove herself but it does have a tendency to make it seem like she is rather ignorant of other peoples feelings. Its quite the opposite though, she cares an awful lot about what people think and feel. She wants the worlds approval and its hardly forthcoming with it.
She is smart in a book sense about some things but she is quite able to apply logic to a range of things as well. Puzzles bring quite a bit of joy to her and she loves working out complicated things, she does cut corners when she feels its needed and that often causes problems down the line. In a similar way she can vastly over complicate a situation in her head to the point where any solution is completely useless to the actual problem. She also takes on things that are far too hard for her and will keep at them for days. New to the real world Lilura is fascinated by clockwork machines and really wants to have one of her own to play with.

Even though she is normally a extreme optimist little set backs can really get on Lilura's nerves and make her quite irate and angry. Big ones she can see as challenges to overcome and drives her harder than ever but the little ones are just annoyances. Other things that rub her up the wrong way include ignorant people, people that give up and those that don't work as hard as they could. A quick way to get her angry is to show a blind ignorance of witches and what she can do. Expecting magic to solve all problems is likely to get a very snide remark in return. With most people, though a little shy she does get on pretty well and is generally quite charming, as long as things are going well.

When it does comes to people Lilura can be very forward and move very fast. When she meets people she can get a feeling for them very quickly and she considers people she might have only spoken to once or twice as friends. She lacks many of the social graces that the world is used to but at the same time is very conservative. That doesn't stop everything relating to people happening very fast from her, falling out of friendship is as easy as falling in. She likes interesting people, clever or just different that let her learn things and challenge her. She wants to know as much as she can about everyone she meets, this and the forwardness can lead to some very worrying conversations


Height: 5'6”
Weight: 115lbs
Hair Colour and Style: Long wavy orange hair that falls loosely down her back.
Eye Colour: A slightly less than emerald green.
Identifying Marks: None
Skin Tone: Pale
Build: Lilura is a light build and not overly tall either, her line of work doesn't tend to be too physically strenuous.
Clothing: Lilura is a witch and brought up as a witch, so her clothing is very stereotypical. A long black dress with no embellishment other than some white lace around the inside of the tight collar. Over that is a dull red overdress with pockets, buttoned at the front that runs from the shoulders to just bellow the knee. On her feet a pair of practical leather boots and on her head in lieu of a hat she has a white bandanna.
Handiness: Left-handed


Mother: Gwenhwyfar le Fay Smitch
Father: Bruce Smitch
Siblings: Lillyle Fay Smitch
Spouse: None,

Personal History:

Lilura was born under the Wolf Moon in the hamlet of Stag Bottom. Located on the Stag spring halfway up the mountain overlooking a large section of Ferroushire. Lilura's mother Gwenhwyfar is a witch and just about every other woman in on her mothers side of the family are. Every now and then a son would be able to use the craft but rarely. Her father Bruce was a woodcutter and a word carver who had lived all his life in the small cluster of houses halfway up the mountain. Lilura was named for her grandmother and Morgant for her late aunt as its traditional for someone to hold a name when no one else is using it. Her life was a simple one spent mostly at her mothers side learning for the skills it was hoped that she would develop. The community was tight and often merry though no one had all that much most were happy. As the name would suggest Stag Bottom never barely saw much in the way of the developing technology. Sometimes airships would pass by far over head and in the far distance you might see a train if you looked very hard.

Lilura grew up quickly with her mother tutelage and when she was eight much to her mothers delight proved she was worth carrying the family name. Reading from one of the spell books she lit the fire quite by accident with a startled scream. From there she leant quite a lot about magic piratical things rather than some of the flashier stuff. By the time she was eighteen Lilura was a proficient as a chemist, herbalist and scryer, as well as making headway into spell casting, illusions and enchanting. She has a awful lot to learn still but she has made a start, she can also ride a broom stick which is a traditional half joke for her family as most magic users gave that up over a hundred years ago.

Other than her lessons in becoming a witch she spent some time with her father learning about the woods and the mountains from a different stand point. There were also the other twelve children in the hamlet and her sister who she could play with though she was able to less and less as she grew up. Until she was sixteen she never visited anywhere else only ever seen them from afar. A trip to the nearest town with one of her friends was quite the experience. Knowing there are many people in the world and never seeing more than forty makes everything seem pretty small. Meeting new people, seeing how part of the world really worked and what people really wanted from life. She saw her first car, and a train up close. There were so many things that she experienced for the first time crammed into two days in the middle of a three day trip either way.

Now she is nineteen Lilura has started on the first part of her journey she has a awful lot to learn and before they are twenty young craft users are required to leave home. This is so they learn as much as they can about the world. It is also an attempt to stop them from thinking they are superior as well as spread themselves out as far as possible. These are not followed by military magic users who have their own rules entirely. The first stop was the village she visited where for a week she tried to acclimatise herself with limited success. On two occasions she almost got run over in the street, then she spent just about all her money on a place to stay and food finally when she was on the train to Helos she was almost thrown off for sitting in the first class carriage. She leant her lessons though along with people being rather sceptical about accepting a witch's help. Finally she has arrived in Helos with barely a penny to her name, its all uphill work for her from here.

Any questions or ideas, as always post them up



Full name: Azeal
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Occupation: Gypsy/ Human
Birthplace: Duskat, Arrath.
Nationality: Arrath

Arrath is a beautiful state that is much advanced in technology. Arrath has many cities, a lot of which are very embed in color and life. There are small clumps of forests within Arrath, each which usually tends to be the silent residence of many animals and at times wandering gypsies. Arrath has two more populated towns; Dawnet, and Duskat. Dawnet is the only city in Arrath that has beautiful cliff to view the dawn coming up off of; hence the name, Dawnet. Duskat has lush forests. There is a small lake surrounding Duskat, where the moon appears perfectly if you look into the lake at night. Arrath unfortunately is the state with least amount of witches and wizards, and tends to be an unfriendly place for people who use magic.

Personality: Azeal truly is an unusual child. Having been raised by gypsies, Azeal tends to be very mysterious and altogether quite prone to being shy and distant. She often comes off antisocial, because for the most part, gypsies are shunned by common society for their unusual way of living. Azeal likes to feel nature around her. Because she is gypsy by birth, Azeal often finds herself drawn to nature. She has little to no idea of how witches us magic, and probably doesn’t care to learn, because it won’t change her life in the slightest.

Azeal very much enjoys spending time meditating, or simply being alone. Her withdrawn nature only comes forth from how little she interacts with others outside of the group she travels with, or the occasional customer she may get. For the most part, she and the gypsies reside in forests or anywhere away from the industrial cities and towns. Azeal enjoys being alone in nature, because it usually clears up her mind from the days problems, or anything of the like. Azeal also greately enjoys telling fortunes. No matter how much time progresses, any person usually enjoys asking gypsies about what their future holds in store for them. Azeal usually knows these methods are fake, but she enjoys using them nonetheless.

The only problem with her lifestyle might be how shy Azeal usually is when she has to interact with people outside of telling fortunes. When she encounters someone who isn’t one of her gypsy friends, she usually feels very shy and attempts to escape the situation at all costs. If by chance she can’t, she tries to remain silent as much as possible to avoid talking very much. Azeal never means to come off antisocial, but she has almost no idea how to talk to someone who might be raised in a city. Her idea of normal people usually takes on a stereotype that everyone who comes from a better place than gypsies do will treat her like lowlife scum. She rarely considers that Witches and Wizards tend to be scorned as well for their magical abilities, because she has yet to see a situation where one is being verbally abused.

Azeal’s hidden hobby is playing harmonica. Unknowingly, she once was given a harmonica by a rich stranger who insisted she keep it. Azeal had used it as often as possible, and gained some ability to play it. Along with harmonica, many gypsies prefer to sing at night, and Azeal’s voice tends to be one people can point out due to the amazing and rich sound she produces. Her voice tends to fall under soprano, and she greatly loves singing at night when the moon is out, or even when she is alone. Azeal is considerably well taken care of. She eats every day, has a happy life, and seems considerably pleased with who she is.


Height: 5'8
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Colour and Style: She usually has blonde hair, but due to her own unusual fascination with appearing different, she dyes her hair green. It is very long, around knee length, and dead straight. She has bangs parted from the right side of her forehead.
Eye Colour: A rich, almost reddish brown.
Identifying Marks: N/A
Skin Tone: Fairly pale, despite how often she’s in the sun.
Build: Azeal is not built at all. One could say she’s too skinny for her age.
Clothing: Azeal was brought up as a travelling gypsy; she tends to dress as a gypsy. She wears a cream colored dress with a tight brown corset overtop, and a red cloak to cover her body when it is cold. The dress opens up from the waist down at one side, so she wears brown tights underneath. To top off her look, she has a necklace on her forehead that is green, symbolizing nature, where Gypsies reside.
Handiness: Right-handed


Mother: Miranda
Father: Vann Von Reginald
Siblings: N/A
Spouse: N/A

Personal History: Miranda, a gypsy of a travelling group, had at some time met a rich gentleman named Vann Von Reginald, a resident of the nearby town of Duskat. Although Miranda had been a gypsy, someone considered so filthy and disgusting that no one went near them aside of to have fortunes told, Vann took a deep liking to Miranda’s flawless features and wonderful outlooks on life and things around her. Both having felt deep attraction came close together, despite the differences in their standings. But when eventually Miranda found she was pregnant, Vann immediately realized this could ruin his reputation, and fled, leaving Miranda. In nine months, Miranda gave birth to a healthy baby on a new moon, and named her Azeal.

Like all Gypsies, Azeal was raised in nature. As she grew up, several gypsies taught her to read tarot cards, tell fortunes from the lines on a persons hand, use a magical crystal ball to predict the future. Azeal was very good at this, and picked up on the simple tricks used to help her with gypsy things, even when she had no ability with magic. She slowly but surely grew to be exceptionally good at fortune telling, one of the best gypsies in the whole group. But due to the lack of need to tell fortunes, because of the presence of witches around the world, her group of gypsies spent most of their time in the forest surrounding Duskat.

Azeal’s first contact with someone outside of her gypsy group was a wealthy man who seemed to be wandering through the gypsy campground. He asked Azeal at once where her mother was, but when Azeal hesitated to say where, he only shoved an expensive looking harmonica into Azeal’s hand and left at once. Azeal never told anyone about the incident, but took it as initiative to try and speak to more ‘town people’. She soon began telling fortunes whenever her mother would permit her to do so, which wasn’t very often because Azeal often felt afraid of the different townspeople.
At some point, Azeal’s mother proposed they travel to different parts of Arrath, or perhaps other states, to test their fortunes. This is where Azeal’s journey began. With the other gypsy members deciding on moving onto other cities, the different gypsies began to split up in decision to move, or stay. Azeal, lacking thorough understanding of what to do, stayed on whichever side her mother chose to go on, which meant travelling to other parts of Arrath. Although she has much issues interacting with others, Azeal hopes to learn about other people, and perhaps get over her immediate shyness.


Full name: Tanik Degan
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Occupation: Journeyman (craftsman, blacksmith, gunsmith, etc.), Miner
Birthplace: Logwell, Panilton
Nationality: Panilton

Panilton is a moderate sized nation with a population of several million people. It has an assortment of towns and cities and is balanced in terms of agriculture and mineral assets. While its military and technology is average, it is bolstered by its manufacturing capabilities via the factories that mass produce a variety of goods. However, factory conditions are unkind toward the usually-overworked employess. The government is an aristocratic one, with positions of power obtained due to one's wealth.

Personality: A soft-spoken young man, Tanik calmly endures hardship while accruing valuable experience as he goes with life's flow. He is intelligent and is meticulous in his learning and spends hours on end digesting lessons given by full-status craftsmen and smiths. He pays his debts and willingly helps those in need.

However, he tends to act more rashly when defending the 'weak' in order to uphold his personal sense of justice. He has gotten into a number of physical altercations because he intervened with commonfolk were harassed or attacked by local thugs, low-tier barons, or even government officials.

When possible, he likes to work at a workshop in order to hone his various crafts and is one of the few pleasures he takes on his aimless journey.


Height: 5'11'
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair Colour and Style: Medium-length scraggly Brown hair with a 'morning-shade' beard
Eye Colour: Dark-brown
Identifying Marks: N/A
Skin Tone: Slightly tan
Build: Well-built, especially around the shoulders
Clothing: Wears a sleeveless white shirt, dark-brown pants festooned with baggy pockets, held by a belt with several clips to hold his sledgehammer and pickax, wears black boots, sleeveless gloves (with small plates of iron covering the knuckles), also wears a light-tan hooded cloak that covers the majority of his body (and more tools and his weapon are tucked on the inside)
Handiness: Right-handed


Mother: Lelana Degan (deceased)
Father: Nanthol Degan (deceased)
Siblings: N/A
Spouse: N/A

Personal History:

Both of his parents were factory workers, so while the hopes they placed on Tanik since his birth were high, the general conditions seemed too bleak to strive for a better living. That didn't stop them from trying. Due to their jobs, Tanik was left mainly under the care of his grandmother while his parents worked from dawn to dusk. When he was old enough, his grandmother and parents had read a wide variety of stories that detailed exploits of heroes, both fictional and real. These stories always revolved around people who always did the right thing in the face of adversity.

His parents promoted the goodness in people and would often help out others in need, despite their own paltry assets. Sometimes they would provide single meals, or a temporary room for transients down on their luck. Tanik eagerly help his parents with such tasks.

He went through basic schooling and did fairly well, despite the general attitude that education was pointless as most of the students would end up working at a factory. He disregarded such attitude and continued his education, despite getting into fights with those either jealous or contemptuous of him. However, things came to a halt when he was 11. An accident occurred at the factory where his parents worked at. More than two score workers died, his parents included. Tanik struggled to fight against his grief and had the support of his grandmother, who unfortunately passed away the following winter.

He was taken in by a blacksmith, who his parents had helped out years before. The blacksmith wanted to return the favor several times over. So he looked after Tanik and in the process, taught him his trade. Tanik got through his grief thanks to the blacksmith and took in his lessons quite thoroughly. By the age of 17, Tanik 'graduated' from his apprenticeship. But rather than open up a shop of his own, he thanked the blacksmith before leaving Logwell.

The subsequent years were that of struggle and of education. He went from town to town, finding what work he could, including mining. If the opportunity presented itself, he would seek out specialists in order to learn their trade. Unfortunately, such apprenticeships don't last long as he often get into fights as he would more often than not intervene against those preying on the weak. He would then get ejected out, so he would simply move on. One stint proved interesting as he learned from a private gunsmith. After over a year of training, he managed to build his own weapon, a large revolver with a near-seamlessly attached bayonet.

Continuing on his journey, he approached the town of Helos...

Alistair Judge

Full name: Arthur Howell
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Occupation: Writer/Gunslinger (self proclaimed)/ Part-time inventor
Birthplace: Foley’s Hollow, Grathsbury
Nationality: Grathsbury

Grathsbury is large, expansive territory, though it remains so for one reason: Agriculture. 90% of Grathsbury is made up of small farming settlements, fields and pastures with the rest being made up by small towns, save for Rhysburrow, the capital. Rhysburrow is the largest city due to it’s use as a commerce hub as well as it’s proximity to the border of Panilton. As such, it is highly affected by the times and is one of the few places in Grathsbury that one can find new technology. Population is last counted to be in the lower millions.

Foley’s Hollow is one of the minor towns in Grathsbury, relatively untouched by the modern technology, though items from the other more advanced counties occasionally drift through. It is a placid community of roughly 15,000 people situated in a valley surrounded on two sides by a string of mountains, though it does not bar travel excessively. Crime is generally not a worry, though there also isn’t much in the line of fun or enjoyment either.

Personality: Arthur was always fond of the imaginary, heck, when there is as little as there was in Foley’s Hollow, you had better have a good imagination. Because of this, Arthur Howell fell in love with literature from an early age, finding it to be a suitable release from the boring world of agriculture around him, and it had worked for a time, until he ran out of proper reading material to peruse. With the trader only stopping by once in a blue moon and the prices for new books being beyond the boy’s allowance, he took to writing his own. It worked well for a while, the young boy’s stories of impossible adventures and creatures keeping him sane in his small life, but as he aged his literary hunger grew and he sought more realistic inspiration.

This all carries over into the boy’s fantastical personality. Arthur is easily amazed, mostly by technology or the odd personalities of others, but that isn’t to say he isn’t a bad guy in fact, some might say he’s a little too nice, others of course just call him a push-over because he’ll probably agree. He is very friendly and loves to make friends, often using them as inspiration for his writings above anything else, but being a fish out of water as he is, he often finds it hard to make said friends.

Besides being nice, he’s also smart, though their isn’t much opposition where he comes from. Regardless, the boy was gifted with a thirst for knowledge and experience, but as the result of this, he never got much work on the family farm, the labourers jobs going to his elder brothers most of the time, leaving him relatively weak in the physical department. His philosophy being then, that you don’t need to be strong to use a gun, his weapon of choice for travelling. But despite this thunderous weapon in his hands, when he finds himself in a stick situation, being the nervous young man he is, he is more likely to flee than to fire upon his attackers.


Height: 5'9’’
Weight: 120lbs
Hair Colour and Style: Medium Length brown hair, falling gently over his eyes, ears and the nape of his neck.
Eye Colour: Brown
Identifying Marks: None
Skin Tone: Fair with a farmer’s tan.
Build: Fairly small, despite his life on a farm. However, he does have powerful legs, possibly due to his method of resolving conflicts.
Clothing: Arthur often dons a favourite brown jacket, with a white dress shirt and a black vest beneath. He wears a pair of relatively plain black pants tucked into brown knee-high boots. Finally, he is often found with a scarf wrapped around his neck, as well as a side-bag holding his belongings, as well as a pistol holster around his waist.
Handiness: Right-Handed


Mother: Abigail Howell
Father: Brund Howell
Siblings: Benjamin Howell, Jack Howell.
Spouse: None,

Personal History:

The last of three sons, Arthur Howell was born to Brund and Abigail, two farmers living the simple life in Foley’s Hollow. The small town was a good environment for the boy to grow up in, clean air, fresh food and friendly people, but something was always different about Arthur and while his parents tried many times, the farming lifestyle never really caught on the Howell boy. Arthur often times found such works boring and sought to escape through literature, a resource which he was hard pressed to find when the only trader stopped into town twice a month with prices more than a boy so young could hope to save. So with that, Arthur began to write his own stories, simple ones at first with the aim to please himself, but as he grew, so did the sophistication of his writings. He would make a humble sum selling these short stories to friends and neighbours, but he always sought a more profitable demographic and upon his realization that his home-town, heck, pretty much all of Grathsbury wasn’t much in the way of excitement and inspiration, Arthur decided to set out.

His parents, while disappointed that their son never became a farmer as they were, supported the boy, knowing that he was probably the most suited for a busy city life than any of them. They were only partially right of course. Upon his arrival in Panilton, Arthur found that life in the city wasn’t as civilized as he was led to believe, at least, not in comparison to Rhysburrow. It was clear to him that the capital of his home country was merely a watered down experience compared to the real thing and while at first the boy had trouble adapting, he learned to blend in with the crowds, and most importantly, run like hell.

Taking up residence in the city of Logwell, Arthur lives among a diverse group of individuals in a cramped and slightly run-down boarding house. While he dreams of joining the upper-class one day, the boy nevertheless feels joy in living with such odd people, and as such, tries his hardest to surround himself with other oddities. Arthur has made it a habit to carry with him a pencil, pad of paper and a tarnished flintlock pistol, paid for by selling all the belongings he couldn’t bring with him to Panilton. Life is good for Arthur, but the boy is always looking for an adventure…

Okay then, I'll be trying to start this soon.

Here is the rubbishy map so far,

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PostSubject: Re: [OOC] Esterboard   Wed Jul 21, 2010 8:10 am

Seems you got everything here, nice.

The last post was mine, so it's either BB's or Ali's turn. If aaron wants to join in, just pop a character profile in.
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[OOC] Esterboard
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